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A long time ago, it became known that girls quite kind to his toys. As if the boy is not fond of his favorite Transformer, but it will not ever pull it behind him, lay sleeping beside him, feed him lunch at the same table, etc. And for the girls their favorite dolls are closest girlfriends for a long time. And somehow, adult dolls with fashionable appearance and attire are more attracted attention than children PUPS. As a child, girls are always eager to grow faster than that to try on the most fashionable outfits, visit cafes, go on fancy cars, fancy visiting beauty salons. Here's a role-playing game on the Internet now offer developers. After all, a girl needs an adult friend that has a rich dressing, knows how to use make-up, etc. It is in this description of the relevant Moxie. Games for girls Moxie allow the child to develop and cultivate a sense of taste. After all here to do hair, pick the perfect makeup, choose their outfits. In the game itself included various additional elements. Then there is the small car, something very similar to the Matiz, which will move one of your characters. You can arrange the furniture in the beauty salon or trendy modern gallery, all this and much more will be expected in this fascinating toy. Moxie Girls with something similar to the famous heroines of the television series "Sex and the City." And late in the evening when my mother is relaxing under your favorite TV series, the child is like a sponge soaks up all the settings and models heroines. And of course it's trying to show or bring in an online game. And in toolboxes game Moxie is present most of the elements that help a lot to bring to virtual life. Only games Moxie made with colorful and vibrant graphics. They quickly introduce their young fashionistas with the rules of the game and is available in the gameplay make it clear what task you need to perform and what to do in any given situation. In the game itself may meet a very large number of various clothes, different hairstyles and make-up options, you can choose the car of your heroine and find the right interior for any room. And that the variations of these elements there is a fairly large amount, which gives a great opportunity to experiment and enjoy. Load a good and fun game for your child online, and do not worry that there will be used by various undesirable elements in the form of violence and obscene communication. Only then your child can self-actualize themselves and bring good design taste.

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